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Grilled Meat Restaurant Yakiniku-Tei Rokkasen

Gourmet Tours from Around the World

We have been visited by 2.4 million people from all over Japan and around the world.

Rokkasen has welcomed more than 2.4 million people through our doors since we were first established. I would like to thank every one of your from the bottom of my heart.
Recently, some of our customers have told us that they have been having difficulty in making a reservation with us. I feel extremely sorry about this. I sincerely apologize.
We have had an increase in the number of customers who are choosing to have a relaxing course meal or all-you-can-eat cuisine during lunch because we are full up during dinner time.
It is comparatively easy to make a reservation with us during lunch time and late at night.
All of us are working with all our might so that as many people as possible can enjoy the taste of Rokkasen, so we look forward to welcoming you all here in the future.

Worldwide Customers

We have seen an increase in customers from overseas coming to Rokkasen over the past few years.
We have been delighted to hear many customers on tours from Hong Kong, China, Thailand, America and Europe, as well as Japan, saying that they are "extremely satisfied" with our cuisine.
It is our pleasure to provide satisfaction to our customers. This makes us very happy. Rokkasen is perfect for a "gourmet tour." Please feel free to visit us on your gourmet tour.

These are our customers from all over the world.