Rokkasen's Policy

Grilled Meat Restaurant Yakiniku-Tei Rokkasen

Rokkasen's Policy

In order to realize customer satisfaction, we never give up.

Selection of food materials is a real competition.

Tools for the cuisine are the soul of chefs.

Soy sauce in 2 years maturation

Soy sauce has spent 2 years for maturation, named “Kiage”. Hand made. It has the fifth taste sensation that gives a hearty taste to the sauce for Yakiniku.


Salt, which we procure directly from Shimonoseki-city, Yamaguch Prefecture, is roasted by ourselves and its natural lusciousness as a result of roast highlights “eat taste”

Persistence in Matsuzaka beef

Our Matsuzaka beef is in direct supply from Asahi-Ya, Tsu-shi, Mie-Prefecture where is one of the original places and famous for Matsuzaka brand name. We always look forward to your having our Matsuzaka beef in extra best quality.

Warm welcome

There is no need to say that we promise you to give our excellent cuisine, the beautiful decorative flower have been put at some places, so as for you to feel happy as much as possible in our space.